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Agreements with Administration

As part of the bargaining process, the two sides have a tentative agreement about what articles in the current contract that won’t be changed.

Those articles include the following:

  • Article 3 Scope of Agreement
  • Article 5 Harassment
  • Article 6 Health and Safety
  • Article 11 No Strike No Lockout
  • Article 14 Personnel Records
  • Article 18 Academic Freedom and Responsibilities
  • Article 26 Assignment of Classes
  • Article 29 Cancellation of Classes
  • Article 30 Student Complaint Procedure
  • Article 31 Holidays


These two articles will only have changes to reflect the dates of the new contract:

  • Article 1 Preamble
  • Article 40


For those articles that will require changes, the FNTFO bargaining team plans to present all of their suggested changes by the end of today, Wednesday, June 3.


Bargaining in Process

Your FNTFO leadership has started bargaining for the next contract with the administration at Ferris State University.

Your bargaining team includes:

Lead Negotiator Linda Sherwood

Vice President Mary Bacon

Grievance Chair Paul Zube

AFT Rep Sonya Alvarado


Keith Calkins, Anna Rizzo

Updates will be posted to this blog.