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Ferris Nontenure-Track Faculty Organization, University, reach tentative contract agreement

Ferris State University and the Ferris Nontenure-Track Faculty Organization have reached a tentative agreement on a new five-year contract as the result of bargaining that took place on Thursday, Aug. 27.  When ratified, the pact would replace the previous contract between non-tenure faculty and the university.
“We are thrilled to start school with a mutually beneficial five-year contract. We now look forward to bringing our professionalism and experience back into the classroom and helping our students reach their career and educational goals,” said Linda Sherwood, lead bargaining negotiator for the FNTFO.
“I want to express my gratitude to the negotiators for both the Ferris Nontenure-Track Faculty Organization and the university for the time they put in to reach this agreement,” said David Eisler, president of Ferris State University.  “We are deeply appreciative of the work of our faculty.  This agreement is good news for our non-tenure faculty, the University, and most importantly our students.”
Details of the contract will be released pending its ratification.  The FNTFO has a general membership meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 8.
Classes begin at the university on Monday, Aug. 31.


On August 27, Bargaining Continues!

ED Note: Changes have been made to this document as of 8/26/15.

As we approach the fall semester, the FNTFO continues to bargain for a fair and just contract for all of our members. The bargaining team meets with administration again August 27. Fall semester starts August 31. The administration has called in a mediator who will be present at the August 27 meeting. Both sides hope we can come to an agreement to take for ratification. Our general membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 5 p.m. in Science 111.

We have learned that it is important to speak out and let the administration know when there is problems with our contract. It will help the bargaining team during the NEXT bargaining process. We need to let them know when we are unhappy. If you have issues, remember you are not ALONE. Contact your union representatives and let them help you navigate through the issue. It will help you and your fellow FNTFO members!

Your bargaining team members are: Linda Sherwood (Lead Negotiator), Mary Bacon, Paul Zube and Keith Calkins. This team represents all three levels (1s, 2s and 3s) that our contract covers.

Ask your bargaining team as well as your FNTFO leadership including Anna Rizzo (President), Mary Bacon (Vice President), Dharma Shetty (Treasurer) and Paul Zube (Grievance Chair), how you can help make our issues visible and stress the importance of our needs in this next contract, which we are currently negotiating.