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FNTFO Constitution

This version was posted Mar. 2, 2017 and has been revised to add actual UNION name and delete repetitions and errors.

Constitution of The Ferris Nontenure-Track Faculty Organization

As approved April 6, 2016

Article I – Name

Section I

This organization shall be known as the Ferris Nontenure-Track Organization (FNTFO), American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Michigan, Local 6528, American Federation of Labor – Council of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) hereafter referred to as the FNTFO.

Article II – Purpose The purpose of the FNTFO is:

Section I To represent the interests and protect the rights of nontenured faculty of Ferris State University.

Section II To promote and advance the professional, economic, social, and political welfare of the nontenured faculty of Ferris State University through collective bargaining, member participation and organizing.

Section III To work in cooperation with the Ferris State University Board of Trustees and other interested organizations and individuals in endeavors to support such legislation as will provide adequate support of the university and its faculty.

Section IV To promote democracy and justice in the society at large. Article III – Membership Section I All persons meeting the criteria as agreed upon with the employer shall be eligible for membership in the FNTFO. Section II No person shall be denied membership on the basis of age, sex, race, color, national origin, ethnicity, veteran status, height, weight, marital or family status, pregnancy, religious or political beliefs or affiliation, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or social status. Section III A member in good standing is one who has signed a membership card and whose current dues are paid.

Section IV Members experiencing a break in employment at FSU shall have the right to vote on union matters provided they have been a member in good standing at least one semester during the previous calendar year and they have a reasonable expectation of future employment with the university.

Article IV – Officers

Section I The following Officers shall be elected biennially by the FNTFO: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

A. The President shall: serve as the primary spokesperson for the Union, preside over meetings, represent the Local when and where necessary, oversee the ongoing administration of the Union, sign all necessary papers and documents, authorize payment of bills, and be able to delegate the responsibilities of the office except where otherwise specified by the constitution.

B. The Vice President shall: assume the duties of the President in the event of that person’s absence, co-sign financial documents in the absence of the President or Treasurer, and perform other duties as delegated by the President.

C. The Secretary shall: maintain the non-financial files and records of the Union, record and keep accurate minutes of the Executive Board and the Membership Meetings, assist the President in handling the correspondence of the Union, receive and certify the reports of the Elections Committee, and perform other duties as delegated by the President.

D. The Treasurer, with the assistance of the finance committee, shall: receive, record, and deposit all dues monies and other income in the name of the Union; Chair the Finance Committee, which shall assist and advise the Treasurer in all duties; maintain accurate membership records, issue membership cards and notices of delinquency, be one of the responsible financial officers of the Union and be authorized to co-sign financial documents and make regular and usual disbursements of funds, maintain all financial records of the Union; prepare and submit financial reports, make payment of all per capita dues to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and other affiliates, and submit a monthly per capita membership report, as required by the AFT; make timely payment of all bills authorized by the annual budget or this Constitution, and of other approved expenses; prepare and file all appropriate tax returns
on behalf of the Union, and perform other duties as delegated by the President or assigned by the Executive Board.

Section II
Officers shall be elected to serve a term of two years.

Section III
Officer elections shall be staggered.
A. The election of President and Secretary shall take place concurrently during odd numbered years.
B. The election of Vice President and Treasurer shall take place concurrently during even numbered years.
C. In the event that an officer cannot fulfill their full term, whether by circumstances or choice, the President shall appoint another union
member to fill that role until a proper election can be held. Should the President be the officer unable to fulfill her/his term, the Vice
President shall assume the office until a proper election can be held for a new President.
D. Election of officers for vacated positions shall be for the time to fulfill the vacated position term. Then normal election processes shall

Section IV
All Officers must have a membership in good standing for a period of at least one year to hold office and to continue to hold office.

Article V – Stewards Council

Section I
The Stewards Council shall serve as representatives of the members as determined by the Officers, and as organizers for the Union.
All Stewards must have a Membership in good standing.

Section II
The duties of a Steward shall be to: promote participation and activism, attend and participate in Steward meetings, attend and participate in committees as needed, facilitate contract awareness and compliance within assigned employing unit(s), and handle grievances following proper procedural guidelines.

Section III
Stewards shall meet regularly with the members in their specified units to discuss workplace and Union issues, and to initiate grievances and resolve disputes.

Section IV
The Stewards Council shall adjust assignments as needed to ensure Steward representation among all FNTFO members.

Article VI – Executive Board

Section I
The Executive Board shall consist of elected Officers and three (3) Stewards selected by the Stewards Council.

Article VII – Elections

Section I
An Elections Committee shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the General Membership. This committee shall identify interested candidates for
each position to be filled. The Elections Committee shall supervise the election process, and the official results will be made public.

Section II
Election of Officers shall take place by secret ballot. Candidates receiving a majority of votes for each vacancy shall be declared elected and take office. If the election does not produce a majority of votes for a candidate, a run-off election of the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes shall be held. In the event of a tie between candidates receiving the second highest number of votes, the candidate receiving the most votes and those involved in the tie will constitute the candidates for the second election. In the event this election does not produce a winner, other run-off elections following the same procedure will be held until one candidate receives the majority of votes and is declared the winner.

Article VIII – Meetings

Section I
Meetings of the Membership shall be announced during the academic year. All regular meetings shall have an agenda published in advance of the meeting.

Section II
The Executive Board shall meet at least once each month during the academic year.

Section III
Committees shall meet monthly from August through May for the purpose of initiating, overseeing, or revising the Union’s organizing program, and to conduct other
Union business within its authority. Committees may also more frequently as seen necessary.

Article IX – Committees

Section I
The Organizing Committee shall consist of all elected Officers and Stewards. The committee shall promote the development of an informed and active membership, and work to support bargaining.

Section II
The Bargaining Committee shall consist of the President and other members approved by the Executive Board. This committee shall oversee the development of a bargaining platform and engage in collective bargaining, keeping the membership fully informed of developments as they unfold, and conducting the necessary research, surveys, hearings, and other activities to promote the realization of the objectives.

Section III
The Elections Committee shall conduct and supervise all elections and referenda. It shall also determine which members are in good standing, and therefore, eligible to vote in the elections. No officers or candidates for office shall serve on the Elections Committee.

Section IV
The Finance Committee shall develop and maintain internal controls to safeguard the Union’s assets, guidelines for the reporting of expenses, and policies and procedures for the preparation of the Annual Budget. The Finance Committee shall assist in the preparation of the Annual Budget. It shall oversee the dispersal of funds in accordance with the approved budget, and maintain financial records as required by law. It shall identify and pursue activities to generate revenues. In
general, the Finance Committee shall assist and advise the Treasurer in all the duties assigned to that officer.

Section V
The President, with the approval of the Executive Board, may establish special committees as the need arises to meet the short-term, specific requests of the Union.

Article X – Dues

Section I
Revenue for the Union will include membership dues that are set as a part of the budget process. Membership dues shall be 1.6% of member salaries, which include the per capita amounts for the AFT, state federation, local and state affiliates of the AFL/CIO. Whenever the dues of a required affiliate increases the duesfor the FNTFO shall automatically and simultaneously increase by a percentage sufficient to cover the increase.

Section II
Revenue shall also include agency fees, when legally allowed for nonmembers, which are set at 1.3% of the member salary.

Article XI – Recall

Section I
All elected Officers and Stewards shall be subject to recall or removal.

Section II
The procedure for recall shall be as follows:
A. Charges against the accused shall be in writing, signed in duplicate copies by at least ten members in good standing; one
copy of the charges must be given to the accused and the other copy to the Executive Board;
B. The accused person shall have a hearing before the Executive Board within thirty days of the presentation of the charges, and
the Executive Board shall make recommendations to the Steering Committee;
C. A two-thirds vote of those in attendance at the meeting shall be necessary for recall. Voting shall be by secret ballot.

Article XII – Affiliations

Section I
This Local shall maintain affiliations with the American Federation of Teachers, the Michigan Federation of Teachers, the local AFL-CIO Central Labor Body Assembly, and the Michigan State AFL-CIO Labor Body Assembly.

Section II
Delegates to any and all of these respective bodies shall be elected by the Membership in a special election and shall submit reports to be presented at Membership meetings.

Section III
Delegates from this Local to affiliated organizations shall meet the same requirements as Officers of this Local.

Article XIII – Auditing

Section I
The books shall be audited at the end of the calendar year and a written report submitted to the Membership.

Section II
The appointment of an auditor shall be confirmed in regular meeting.
Note: Formal auditing: may not be required, depending on size of unit.

Article XIV – Rules of Order

Section I
Robert’s Rules of Order will be applied when deemed necessary by any member.

Article XV – Amendments

Section I
A proposed amendment to this Constitution must be made by a majority of the Executive Board or must be endorsed by at least five members of the Local and
submitted in writing to the Executive Board.

Section II
The proposed amendment shall be submitted at the next regular Membership meeting of the Local, provided that notice of the proposed amendment is given to all
members at least five working days before the meeting. It shall be voted upon at the next regular meeting.

Section III
A two-thirds vote of all votes cast shall be necessary for the adoption of an amendment.

Article XVI – Ratification

Section I
Copies of this Constitution shall be made available to any member of this Federation upon request to the Secretary.

Section II
Copies shall be made available to other affiliated organizations upon request.

Section III
This constitution shall go into effect upon its ratification by a majority of the votes cast in a ballot of the Membership.