Agreements with Administration

As part of the bargaining process, the two sides have a tentative agreement about what articles in the current contract that won’t be changed.

Those articles include the following:

  • Article 3 Scope of Agreement
  • Article 5 Harassment
  • Article 6 Health and Safety
  • Article 11 No Strike No Lockout
  • Article 14 Personnel Records
  • Article 18 Academic Freedom and Responsibilities
  • Article 26 Assignment of Classes
  • Article 29 Cancellation of Classes
  • Article 30 Student Complaint Procedure
  • Article 31 Holidays


These two articles will only have changes to reflect the dates of the new contract:

  • Article 1 Preamble
  • Article 40


For those articles that will require changes, the FNTFO bargaining team plans to present all of their suggested changes by the end of today, Wednesday, June 3.