General Membership Meeting Sept. 19, 2012

FNTFO General Membership Meeting

September 19, 2012

Present: Bijaya Acharya, William Burmeister, Lilia Caserta, Cindy Fitzwillaims-Heck, Bernadette Fox, David Griffith, Therese Harper, Cynthia Milligan, Jerry Nickels, Beth Reynolds, Janice VanEck, Kathleen Wykes, Paul Zube, Jean Walling, David Schrock, Thuy Karafa, Dale Skornia

Welcome: President Janice VanEck

  • Gave background of union/budget update
  • Need to meet obligations to state/national
  • Member numbers
  • Treasurer Harvey Hanna resigned
  • Cynthia Milligan appointed as treasurer
  • Financial Committee created: Beth Reynolds, Cynthia Milligan and Janice VanEck – open to additional nominations

Secretary Report

  • 115 unit members
  • 7 members weren’t listed in unit
  • To date: 13 feepayers and 48 members with 4 new members signed at meeting for total 52 members
  • Still need 56 members to sign form

Treasurer Report

  • Presented July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 Budget based on 97 members from Spring 2012 with an additional 20 to compensate for extra fall employees
  • Dues based on salaries
  • $30,000 of budget goes to AFT national and state
  • Union officers receive hourly wage (no minimum)
  • Expenses (some already purchased due to immediate need) laptop
  • Budget based on everyone becoming a member
  • Other budget costs: auditor, legal fee
  • Fee payers dues pay only for bargaining and defending contract

Questions about budget?

  • Legal fees? For defending contract, amount recommended by AFT
  • Budget is frugal – no extras
  • Why not base budget on fee payers instead of members?
  • Payroll nightmare
  • Initial budget does not include overload but will in spring
  • Employee ID is the # on printed paystub. It is not online. SS# can also be used.

Motion by Reynolds to pay outstanding officer stipends since July 1.

Point of order by Nickels. Need to approve budget first and then make motion.

Reynolds withdrew motion.

Motion by Nickels to approve budget. Griffith seconded. Motion carried.

Motion by Reynolds to pay reimbursement to Officers Reynolds and VanEck. Caserta seconded. Motion carried.

Other Business:

  • Secretary and President positions are up for reelection in January 2013.
  • President appoints and membership approves a nominating committee. President VanEck appointed Thuy Karafa, Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck and Bernadette Fox.

Motion by Sherwood to approve president’s nominations for nominating committee. Nickels seconds. Motion carried.

New Business:

  • Stewarts needed. Nickels, Nelson, Lakin, and Alles.
  • Terry Harper requested FNTFO donate to the Big Rapids community library project but noticed no extra funds in budget. Possibly reconsider in January.

Meeting adjourned.