General Membership Meeting Jan. 16, 2013

FNTFO General Membership

Jan. 16, 2013

Member’s present: Paul Zube, Mary Bacon, Jerry Nickels, Cynthia Milligan, Lilia Caserta, Bernadette Fox, Thuy Karafa, Cynthia Fitzwilliams-Heck, Anna Rizzo, Janice VanEck, David Griffith and Linda Sherwood

Meeting called to order 6 p.m.

President’s update:There is a lot up in the air due to right to work legislation. I don’t anticipate a big problem. For those who don’t want to join, we won’t need to pay to AFT state and national.

Everyone we have represented so far has not been a member, so our work is going to decrease drastically. If you don’t join the union, and the university decides to eliminate your position, you won’t get any union representation.

When you are outside of the union, you are really at the mercy of how the university wants to treat you. That needs to be our tactic when we talk to people and be proactive and having them come to the lunches, etc.

The Affordable Health Care act is another thing we need to figure out. If you have a full time employee, the employer is obligated to provide insurance

Secretary’s update:

We have approximately 74 members and 48 feepayers.

The new website is up and running at You can find the form you will need to sign annually on there as well as additional information about events, etc.

Treasurer’s update:

Total income $30,356.21

Expenses $14,573.07

Net income $15,783.14

Our biggest expenses are dues to AFT Michigan and National, which is approximately $11,000 quarterly. We have to pay during the summer as well even though we aren’t collecting dues in the summer.

The quarterly amount will change in April when Michigan’s Right to Work law goes into effect.

Dues are based on how much money you make. We need to review what they actually made and review against what we anticipated they would make.

We need to find out if we have to issue a 1099 to officers’ for their stipends.

Grievance Report

Two possible grievances in play.

One is involving a 3 to have release time and an overload. It is in his letter of appointment that the 3 can have both.

The other involves mileage pay for 2s who previously received it.

Spring 2013 Calendar of Events

  • Monthly lunches with the FNTFO leadership on the third Thursday of each month from 11-12. This is meant to be a get-to-know event and for members to voice their concerns to the membership. The first lunch is Thursday, Jan. 17. There will be a sign nearby to help members identify the leadership.
  • There will be sack lunch socials on the first Thursday of each month at various locations around campus. Please join the FNTFO when you are near you. The first meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 7, in the Starr building. The room location will be announced later.
  • FNTFO River clean-up. We did this last year. It is organized by Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck, and it is a great chance for positive media coverage. This year the river clean up will be April 18, 2013.
  • Farmer’s market: June (Tues or Fri), which is an informational stand, possibly fund scholarship/sell lunch.
  • Adopt a highway (requires a fall and spring clean up)
  • End of year party (May 2013)

Election Results:

Election was handled by election committee via secret ballot.

Unanimous vote:

Secretary: Linda Sherwood

President: Anna Rizzo (who resigns from VP position to accept president office)

Vice President: T.J. Lakin

New Business:

In January 2014, we will need to create a union negotiation team.

Question: Does the state organization set up for deals for belonging to the union (car deals, etc.) It could be a selling point for some people in membership.

Motion to adjourn by Karafa. Seconded by Zube. Motion carried. 6:43 p.m.